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Market Opportunities


Asemblon's Hydrogen carrier technology provides the opportunity for low cost large scale storage for Data Farm and Cloud service centers, remote locations, large scale municipal storage, and centralized fueling stations for a variety of service vehicles.


Our Family of carriers can be deployed in a variety of mobile applications. Because of the relatively low temperature required to remove Hydrogen from our carriers, our carrier molecules are less likely to degrade than are other carriers. Our carriers can be de-hydrogenated and re-hydrogenated multiple times allowing them to act like re-chargeable batteries. The reactor system is compact and can be retrofitted on existing vehicles. Uses will include locomotives, fleet vehicles, buses, passenger vehicles, farm and industrial equipment, and commercial trucking.


Our carriers can store Hydrogen energy generated by Renewable Energy technologies like solar and wind. Often power is generated at these facilities in times of low demand. Using our carriers, the site can offer Hydrogen energy for sale at times of peak demand by capturing energy and storing it without compression as Hydrogen 24/7. This also eliminates the need for costly transmission lines in remote areas. Hydrogen can be stored on our carriers for ocean transport inexpensively and with more Hydrogen per volume of carrier liquid than currently deployed products due to our wider range of carrier capacities.

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