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Our carriers, known as 'Hydroline' (pronounced Hydro-leen), store and transport Hydrogen in liquid form at ambient temperature and pressure, as you would gasoline or diesel. Once the Hydrogen has been removed, the depleted carrier is captured and can have new Hydrogen attached to it multiple times. Hydrogen taken from our carrier has been tested at 99.99% purity.

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Why our carriers?

Because our carriers store Hydrogen as a liquid at ambient temperature and pressure, we can make use of much of the existing hydrocarbon fueling infrastructure. We require less energy to de-hydrogenate our carriers than do other technologies which translates to lower CapEx and process costs. Our family of carriers can be de-hydrogenated using a 1-2 Cu Ft. 'reactor' as opposed to very large reactors for Toluene and Ammonia. We are therefore unique in our ability to deploy on all kinds of mobile use platforms. Our carriers can be de-hydrogenated and re-hydrogenated multiple times.

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