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Asemblon Inc.

Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers

We are scientists specializing in Surface Molecular chemistry that are developing low cost higher gravimetric capacity liquid hydrogen carriers for use in stationary and mobile platforms. Our carriers are stored and dispensed at ambient temperature and pressure and can be re-hydrogenated multiple times. No Noble metals are required in our de-hydrogenation system.

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Hydroline Liquid organic carriers

From Theory to Reality

Fundamental Discovery

We have demonstrated the hydrogenation/de-hydrogenation cycle over time while producing Hydrogen of 99.99% purity through a reactor using a commonly available carrier liquid with a wide range of gravimetric capacities.

Next Steps

We will optimize and validate our reactor and catalysts for the entire capacity range of our carriers to a target production rate of 2200 gaseous Liters of Hydrogen per minute.

Market opportunity

We offer functional characteristics that are not available with other Hydrogen storage media, whether gaseous, liquid or solid, that will allow for significantly lower handling and distribution costs and prices/kg competitive with gasoline and diesel.

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